Killing your baby

No, I am not planning to kill my cute baby girl Victoria, I am quoting Stu in his book “The DV Rebel Guide” (if I remember correctly, lost the bock when I moved). What he means is that once you give away your footage for someone else to edit, they are going to do everything but what you originally had in mind with it.

A few months ago, I shot a video clip for one of my friend, which I talked about here. Due to some divergence of art vision,  my friend and I decided it would be better if he found someone else to finish the edit so I gave the guy all  my clips. No hard feelings, I was stuck in a dead end and the wife delivered the baby girl the same week so there was no way I would find enough time to fix the clip.

When I gave the original files to my friend, I knew I was killing my baby: that the end result would not look and feel like what I had in mind. It was a strange feeling.

Fast forward a few weeks and now my friend released the official version of the clip on YouTube. Wish I was at the party but then again, baby girl screwed up my schedule. Here is an advice: dont commit to anything once you have a baby, you are not the master of your schedule anymore.

I find it interesting to see how the clips differ. While the official version is cut in a much better way, mine follows a logical process and put more emphasis on the look and feel.

It is to be expected, I have a photography background while the other guy is an editor. By the way, which one do you  prefer?

It was the first time I edited something then had someone else use the same clips to do another version and I find it very interesting because:

  • you see what you could have done
  • it is a great way to assess yourself
  • you can compare vision

I highly suggest to everyone to try it sometime. Be warned, it is very humbling!

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