Final Cut Pro Smoothcam vs Coremelt Lock and Load X

Guest post by Jeremy… Video stabilization is a great tool for tweaking and smoothing video that was shot with out (or even with) the use of some sort of rigging to keep the vibrations at a low rate. I use Final Cut Pro to edit my video, and have always been impressed with the results of the default Smoothcam filter/effect.…

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Crappy new rigs from Red Rock Micro

I just saw on Planet5D a Red Rock Micro product announcement: the Nano rigs. Basically, these are small HDSLR rigs similar to the Zacuto Striker line but cheaper. —Disclaimer—
I haven’t tested these rigs yet. Actually, knowning RRM order policy, it could take months before I do.…

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Backup strategy: updated

As some of you may remember, a few weeks ago I discussed the backup strategy/workflow outlined by Chase Jarvis and promised a tutorial on how to use GIT to add versioning & multi computer sync to your workflow. While I havent completed the GIT tutorial yet, I decided to git a shot to Dropbox to take care of the multi-syncing across computers and off site backup. …

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Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Tripod Review

This time, Jemery is looking for a cheaper alternative to the ‘official’ Manfrotto tripod. One misconception that rookies might have is thinking that their old tripod will work just fine for shooting videos with an HDSLR… please don’t make the same mistake I did.…

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Lightroom 3 Review: part 2

This part 2 of Jon Lightroom 3 review. You can see the introduction in is first post.

Import Dialog

One of the first things you’ll notice about LR3 is the new import Dialog, which is largely different than previous versions.…

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Lightroom 3 Review: Pt 1: Overview Of What’s New

Since Adobe created Lightroom 4 years ago the software has changed the way photographers work in such a profound way that many have wondered if this little gem might just someday replace the need for Photoshop all together- for most photography needs. Anyone who has used Lightroom extensively as the de-facto front line in their digital workflow can attest to the power of the program as not only an essential digital asset management tool, but also as a potent developing and publishing tool.

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Columbus V-900 geo tagger (Review)

My trip to Iceland was my first serious photo trip. And, since baby girl is coming soon, it will probably be the last one for a while too! Anyways, I seriously geared up for this trip and brought with me every single gadget I could think of.…

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