Who is FCPX target market?

It is us! While we read about pros complaining about FCPX all over the place, everything I have read (and personally tested) about FCPX pleases me. Call it Apple biggest mistake if you want but they built this app for people like us.…

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Need a trigger for your DSLR? Here is one

It is interesting to see the amount of action currently going on in the HDSLR trigger world these days (more on this in a few days). Here is an alternative to the IR remote holder sold by Red Rock Micro. You can get it here.…

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eBook Review: DIY Home Studio Photography

As most photographer will tell you, if you want to take good portraits, dont invest in lenses, invest in lights! The proof is, even with a crappy iPhone camera, it is possible to get pro level pictures if you get awesome lights (proof).…

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