Book review: DSLR Cinema

I have been reading the DSLR Cinema book for about a week now and I think it is now time to write something about it.

The short version

For those who do not want to read the whole review: this is the best book/training material about HDSLR video I have seen so far.…

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IndiSLIDER Mini Review

This is a post from our contributor Jeremy. Regarding my slider, well.. I am still working on it. Getting my electronic slider working has to be my longest project ever! Stay tuned!
I have recently purchased an IndiSYSTEM – IndiSLIDER Mini and as much as I want to say I am in seventh heaven with the thing, it has its fall backs.…

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Review: DSLRBot (camera to iOS trigger interface)

Disclaimer: Alberto contacted me two weeks ago to place some ads on the site. According to my advertisement policy, before accepting to put the ads on the site, I have to test the product so he sent me the IR cable for free (but I had to buy the app on the iTunes Store).…

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Monopod – The lost stabilizer.

article by Jeremy, one of this site contributor… Doing a search for video stabilization on the web will bring you tons of great gadgets and gizmos.  Each is great and the tricks DIY folks provide to the masses are a great reference for those Hollywood style shots that make filming great.…

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iMovie 11 review

iMovie is one of these apps may proish shooter dont want to touch, yet could benefit a lot from. I know because I used to be in this category. iMovie felt too amateurish compared to FCP for me to even dare to use it.…

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FoV test video Full frame (5DMrkii) vs 1.6x crop (7D)

My friend Chad sent me this link (thanks!). While most 5DMrkII owners realize the difference between a cropped sensor and the real thing, those who don’t own one usually miss why we love our 5D that much! This is especially true when shooting with a super wide lens.…

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Kingston 64gig SSDNow review

As you can guess form the title, I recently purchased a Kingston SSDNow drive. The plan was to put it in the Macbook pro to replace the standard (and slower) 5400rpm drive. Since it was my first step in SSDland, I decided to play it safe and pick a relatively cheap drive with good reviews.…

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