The Basics

What is the best shutter speed for movie mode?

I have seen this question a few times in various forums so I thought it would be another good fit for the “The Basics” section. Since people rarely explain what they would consider “best”, I assume they are talking about the best shutter speed to achieve a filmic look.…

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Focal length and perspective

This is a repost from my old blog. It was one of the most visited page and since I keep seeing people asking the same question over and over again, I think it would be a good idea to forward them here.…

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Which lens should I buy?

We read this question at least once a week in any photography forum. While there are a lot of possible answers, the first question should be “What do I want to shoot?”. It is only once you know what is the kind of subject that interests you that you can pick up the perfect lens.…

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