The Basics

Make amazing Photography Portfolio for Free

Make perfect Photography Portfolio for Free


No matter if you have your own site, or work as professional photograph or neither, this article can help you open your eyes for new possibilities. We will answer question: Do you even need your own internet site for a good portfolio page?…

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Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe

RABARI – Encounters with the nomadic tribe – by MITCHELL KANASHKEVICH

The "What" and the "Why" of post processing Find Out Exactly How Award-Winning Travel Photographs Are Taken Before I started reading this book, I took a look at the pictures first.…

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Why do photographers sometimes need an assistant ?

Every week, we receive emails from people asking us for advices about how they could improve their photography/videography. Most of these people are already at what I would call ‘serious amateur’ level and want to move to the next step. To these people, my answer is always the same: get an assistant!…

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Talk with customers – don’t be a bad photographer

Do you take pictures of people? Are they really happy with your work and performance? There are too many bad pro photographers out there. How do I know? Simple: I talk to customers who had bad experiences and didn’t like what they had to pay for.…

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A story about pricing

Since money is always a hot topic and a lot of people ask me for advices about how to price their services, here is a short -true- story. A few months ago, I received a request from an “acquaintance” asking me to shoot her wedding.…

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Meggie + Corneliu: how we did it

A few people asked me to give more details about how we shot the love story clip (posted here). Instead of writing a structured post, I am just going to go with the flow and write everything that comes to my mind.…

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Tips of the day

I was reviewing the clips we shot yesterday and found this horror. Look at Meggie left eye in this clip. What do you see? Me! It might not be that noticeable at lower resolution, but when viewed full screen in HD, it is very annoying.…

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