Interview with a YouTube Millionaire

Do you remember Chad Bonanno? We talk about his a few months ago when he shot a parkour video for the Tempest team. Well, if you have been on Youtube recently, you have probably seen his latest creation: an advertisement video for the Tempest Freerun Academy.…

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Video on how to install EOS Utility from the updater

I made a quick video to show how to convert the Canon EOS Utility updater into an installer so you can install it if you lost your original DVD. I know I already explained how to do it in this post but I am currently thinking about converting all my tutorials into videos so I wanted to hear what you guys think about it.…

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Technicolor going to make an Apple Color compatible LUT?

My friend Robert Cato send an email to Technicolor about their LUT, asking:

Hello, Will there be an .mga apple color compatible  S-curve shaped LUT available for download?
Here is the answer from the Technicolor CineStyle team:
Hello Robert, Thank you for your interest and downloading of our CineStyle Picture Style for the Canon EOS family of cameras.

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When the minimalistic approach yields big results

We talk a lot about gear on this blog: tripods, rigs, lens, follow focus, etc… We take for granted that you need all of these to create anything that looks remotely professional. After all, if you dont have a super stable and sharp image, your end product can’t be good.…

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Critique of a user submitted clip

A few times a week, I receive request from videographers to write an article about their most recent work. Most of the time, I point them toward resources like Planet5D Cinema which are designed for these kinds of things. It is not because I don’t like these clips; it is just that I try to keep the site content as closely focused as possible around the HDSLR related technicalities and not the end result.…

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