Technicolor Picture Style flat profile results

It is a bit early to give a final verdict but, from I have seen so far, the Technicolor picture style looks great and I am not the only one stating the obvious, here is a quick test clip from my friend Robert.

My own preliminary tests are very promising. Here is a quick example of something I shot today in super bright conditions (no ND filter in the camera bag!) with and without grading. I was mostly interested in seeing how the gradient would hold up and I am very please with the results. Also, if you look at the shadows you will see lots of details. Much better than the super flat profile I used to shoot with!

This is not an extreme test case but it shows what you can expect without thinking too much about what you are doing. I only used the 3-way color corrector to simulate a S curve and boosted saturation a bit and voila!

I will post better examples in a few days, once I have processed my other clips.


If you used to shoot with any variation of the flat profile, take a few minutes and upgrade your camera to use the Technicolor picture style, it is worth it. If you dont know how to grade or prefer to edit your clips straight of the camera, move along, this picture style wont help you.

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