7D Announced!


Seems like I was wront again or the Canon crew really like to contradict me! Yesterday Canon announced the 7D.

Is it better than the 5dMRKII? Well, it does have what everyone missed from the 5d Mark II: variable frame rate (23.976, 24, 29.97, 30, 50 and 59.94), higher burst rate (8fps) and, most important for all for photographer: a better AF system and 100% viewfinder. Only back draw? It is not full frame, only 1.6 crop so you can expect some noise.

For a detailed full review, go visit DPReview. There is no need for me to go in the details and repeat the same thing over and over.

What I want to point out in this article is that I don’t know what the hell Canon has in mind with this camera. By releasing a product perceived to be better than the 5d Mark II for most videographers and photographers, they are going to kill a big chunk of the 5dMrkII demands and move it toward a less profitable product. While I understand why Canon wants to go that way (to crush Nikon in the mid level camera market), it makes the 5d Mark II looks like the cousin nobody wants to invite to the family party and leave a hole in the product list. The 5d Mark II was already taking sales from the 1D, imagine now!

So, what is going to happen with the 5D Mark II? I think we are either going to see a firmware update very soon with variable frame rate control or nothing at all for the rest of the camera life cycle. I must be a positive man because I foresee an update soon. I just can’t believe Canon would pull the kill switch on such a successful product.

I must confess, I have a serious case of gear lust over this camera but the 1.6x sensor (and my bank account) is the show stopper. Once you get used to a full frame view finder and wide lenses, it is hard to turn your back on these. Still, this would be an incredible camera for sport and wildlife cinephotography. Hell, if you need to go wide, you could always put a 10-22. Yes, it is really hard to find a reason to not desire this body!

Want one? You can preorder it from Amazon US Store here or with the kit lens. All profits made with the sales of these is used to improve the site. So, in the end, every time you use our links to buy something, everyone win!

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