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Stephen OachsInformation about Canon’s replacement for the EOS 5D Mark II, new Canon EOS 5D Mark III or Canon 5D X

We’ve all seen all kinds of rumors and info – some more believable than others. All over the internet there are speculations that are often being copied and so forth altered by others creating a huge rumor mess out if it. So you may try to use your common sense when reading it, and try to have some fun while expecting the upcoming camera. It’s hard to believe the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is more than two years old, but already it’s in need of a refresh.



Canon’s APS-C format EOS 7D puts some aspects of the full-frame EOS 5D Mark II’s specification in the shade, so some say that when we finally see a Canon announcement for an EOS 5D Mk II replacement, the successor will have a feature set that at least very close to semi-pro level EOS 7D. Personally I doubt it, because such FF sensor camera with the auto focus and FPS abilities of 7D would be outstanding and so to say a kind of a ‘budget 1D X’. Canon is very aggressive at their marketing and defending their products from each other. I must admit that Canon 5D MK II always seemed to me like something of a compromise and at this point in time, it definitely lacks both the speed and enhanced functionality of the newer APS-C format EOS 7D. Will it be a fantastic “camera”, with a good sensor, or merely a good camera with a fantastic sensor?


Closer look of Canon 5D Mark III ?
Closer look of Canon 5D Mark III ?


Canon tends to come up with gazillion pixel to beat out competition in that category instead of concentrating on the other features. Really, I was and still am happy with 12.1 MP that 5D Mark 1 had and however many the Mark 2 has. No need for it to go bigger. More pixels are not enough to go for, in fact at this time I think that more is not better, but what would be worth it to upgrade from a 5D II to a 5D III? Some are mentioning something over 30 mp. I think the reasoning on the 1Dx being at 18 and the 5D3 at 30 has more to do with marketing. They may be trying more and more to aim that 5D at the previous Canon 20D, 40D and 50D shooters, the ones that still look for mp as a specification in their camera.



Video Capabilities

The 5D Mark II video capabilities have proved to be a major draw for professional photographers, especially photo journalists. It’s therefore very likely that Canon will enhance the video feature for the EOS 5D MK III. Canon may allow clips of different lengths to be combined and extend the level of in-camera editing of the clips to enable their order rearranged etc. Some are hoping that a flip out LCD screen like on the Canon 60D would be a nice feature for the videographers but I personally doubt that this will be implemented on any of the pro oriented cameras any soon.

Stephen Oachs

Mr. Stephen Oachs from has posted a follow up post to the image of the new Canon 600mm f/4 L lens and an unidentified camera. He also posted a RAW for those that believe the image was altered in any way.


Frames per second

On the Aquatech Facebook page, they have said the 5D Mark III will be 22 mp and shoot at 7.5fps. They say it’s “directly from Canon”. I’ve read about 21-22 mp a lot. But the ‘frames per second’ is a new one. It can also be read something about 22 mp having some “magical” properties for HD video, as it corresponds exactly to a 3×3 oversampling of the final video resolution (22 mp, minus crop for 16:9 ratio, divided by 9, equal 1080×1920). The next “magical” resolution (4×4 oversampling) is at 39 mp.



So it seems we have those rumors going in two directions. 22 mp with 6-7fps, and something over 30 mp or even 39 mp with lower fps rate. My hope is that they will not going to try and over-pixel the Nikon D800 just for the sake of having a camera with more mp. I also wish for this camera’s noise to perform good as well. Of the differences between Canon and Nikon recently, Canon’s lagging in ISO performance is what’s bothered me. I think that the resolution, whatever it’s going to be, will be more than enough but I’d settle for 12 mp if I could shoot clean at ISO 12800!

Anyway, I don’t think the camera will be announced, before the Canon 1D X ships.

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