Canon EOS 7D firmware version 2.0.X upgrade


Canon USA, Inc. has announced a firmware update for the Canon EOS 7D that improves functionality and increases flexibility of use. Updated features from this firmware upgrade offers: a faster burst rate, more in-camera post processing features, better photo sorting options, more ISO settings and greater control of audio settings.

Faster burst rate and in-camera post processing

Shooting in RAW will become more advanced, as the maximum number of burst images that can be taken has been increased from 15 frames to 25 frames, and up to 17 frames in RAW + JPEG mode. Sports and wildlife photographers will especially benefit from this huge improvement, which will enable them to capture more of an action in a given time. The firmware also allows a photographer to apply in-camera processing of RAW files including exposure compensation, white balance, picture style, noise reduction at high ISO speeds, and distortion correction among other parameters. Another in-camera post processing feature is that JPEGs can be resized. Such features will be especially beneficial to wedding and event photographers who have loads of pictures to deal with.

Sorting of photos is easier and faster

The photo sorting mechanism of the 7D will also be improved with the update. Photographers will be able to change up to the first four characters of file names and also utilize a star sorting feature similar to that of the EOS 5D Mark III. Additionally, scrolling of images in magnified view will be faster than before.

More advanced ISO settings

The update will offer the option to set a maximum ISO setting (in ISO mode) along with an increased ISO range for Auto ISO settings. Shooting in low-light will be improved with such changes.

Manual audio adjustments

Videographers and filmmakers will be able to manually adjust audio (prior to shooting) for up to 64 levels. Audio is one of the main challenges with DSLR filmmaking, and this is an adjustment that may be well received.

Canon GP-E2 (GPS for the Canon EOS: 7D, 5D Mark III and 1D X
Canon GP-E2 (GPS for the Canon EOS: 7D, 5D Mark III and 1D X

Full compatibility with Canon’s GPS receiver

Finally, the 7D will have full compatibility with the Canon’s GPS receiver GP-E2 that can be can be attached to the camera body via the hot shoe or USB just as with the EOS 5D Mark III and the EOS-1D X.

7D – a more attractive DSLR

These new features that the Canon 7D will have from this firmware update will make the 7D an even more attractive DSLR choice. Furthermore, a number of these new features make the 7D much more like the new 5D Mark III, much to owners’ benefit. It will also serve as a good alternative for those who would like to purchase the 5D but whose budget doesn’t allow it.

For more detailed information about the new firmware please visit:

Original press release: “New Firmware Enhances Functionality Of EOS 7D Digital SLR”

Upgrade will be available for download soon.

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