Collision conference – First DSLR Fusion conference?


In case you did not see the news when it was published on planet5D, there is going to be a DSLR-cinephotography centric conference at the end of August in LA. It is called ‘Collision‘ and it fits pretty well with the spirit of the event: how the video capabilities of DSLR (read 5DMrkII) is a game changer for (1) photographers and (2) videographers.

I wish I could attend because it is going to be an exceptional time to see & hear industry leaders talk about the 5DMrkII. Speakers will be Vincent Laforet (one of my favorite photographer), Shane Hurlbut and many others. Go take a look at the press release or the website for details.

The cost of the conference is cheap: 350$ for the two days. If you register via the link provided on the planet 5D Blog and use the coupon code, you can save another 50$.

For those who can’t attend the event, Michael told me he will try to put some of it online after the conference. The format and content has not been decided yet but it should provide us, east coasters, an idea of what was said and shown so we would experience some remorse for not attending.

If you live on the west coast, you will need a lot of imagination to come up with a decent excuse for not attending the event!

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