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Hi guys,

it seems like everything I touch these days is bound to brake. First my 50mm1.4 broke, then I had the flipping shutter issue with my 5D MrkII and a few minutes ago the site was down because of a technical problem on the server. Lets just say that I should not be in the mood to start new and risky stuff. Yet, I am!

I took some time to do clean up on the site today and realized that I never finished the review of the Zacuto Tactical Shooter. Expect a post by the end of the week! I also fixed a few design issues so everything should look good and clean now.

The release of the 7D had me thinking about the future of canon5dtips and how restrictive such a name can be. Most of the information in the blog can be used by 7D owners. Yet, 5D owners might not be interested to know about 7D news and technicalities. That is why I decided to create another blog, a carbon copy of this one, dedicated to the 7D. Guess the name?


It is still under construction for a few more days so don’t get too excited (yet).

By the way, I am still looking for contributors to 5D and 7D tips. So, if you are a content creator, photographers or expert in a specific field related to cinephotography, contact me and lets talk. There might be money and fame for you!

I am also looking for a machinist or someone with access to a CNC table for a new product I am working on. This product is not a viewfinder or follow focus. I am talking about original product here! Only contact me about this if you have the requirements since I wont disclose anything (other than saying it will be a must have) until it is ready for production.

Finally, I would like to thank every visitor who click the small social sharing/bookmarking buttons at the end of each post. Clicking these links really help the site to reach a broader audience and I sincerely appreciate that you spend a minute doing so! Thanks.

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