My take on grandpa lens…

Have you seen this video made with a 100+ years old lens on a 5DMrkII.

Actually, judging by the number of emails I received from people telling me to watch it, I am sure most of you did. The reason I did not comment on it when it came out is simple: it is a gimmick. Just like Holga lens on a 5DMrkII, its only reason to live is to use the 5D sensor to get higher resolution images from a crappy lens.

I am not saying Timur should not have done it. It was the perfect thing to do for his assignment. And that is it. Outside of this scope, it should not be seen as a tool but as a toy. Photography and videography are all about control and getting the best possible image quality out of the box. Using old lens put randomness into the mix. It can be fun and it can produce cool effects but it could also mess up your shot in spectacular ways, hence the toy nomination.

If you love the old camera look, there are countless AE and FCP plugins to recreate these effects. Get the best possible image quality at the time of acquisition then mess with it in post.

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