Old vs New Canon5Dtips site

Yes, there has been some time since our last post but there is reason for it. We are working on Canon5Dtips site a lot, writing, implementing new stuff and we felt need to share that with you.

We made some design changes and added lots of small but necessary ingredients that should help you navigate trough the post and sites easier.

Compared to the site from 2 months ago, we implemented a lot of new functionality that is yet to be seen.

If you have seen websites for podiatrists, you would know that a website is a plethora of information. Similarly, as you already might have noticed, this site is not going to be only about Canon 5D camera. We are going to discuss all types and brands and try to reach out to all kinds of dslr users and future users.

Functionality of new Canon5Dtips site:
[list style=”check”]

  • improved commenting and contact form
  • faq page
  • new layout easier and nicer to read
  • added Next on Canon5Dtips site on bottom right of the sidebar

New commenting allows you to include pictures into your comments.
New contact form makes it easier to contact us about any query you might have.
FAQ page includes input area for your questions.
Layout that is not harsh for your eyes, easy to read, simple modern design with lots of in post/page addons.
Next on Canon5Dtips sidebar, where you can see what we plan in near future and on which area we work right now.

Sidebar “Next on Canon5dtips”

If a day would last for 48 hours and people would not need to sleep, it would still not be enough for us to implement all of our vision and ideas in short term. But we will get there, together, step by step.

[spoiler style=”2″ open=”1″ title=”Major things to implement in near future”] – submit photo contest (where you would be able to win prizes)
– short e-book or even e-books for basic, intermediate and expert users
– lots of articles and comparisons (reviews)[/su_spoiler]


We promise to deliver ! Our main goal is to make correct and useful information for you, our reader. We invest time and money to improve this site and to make it better place for photography lovers.

Notice that we changed links structure and all our Tweet counters reset to zero, but all of our articles have some tweets ;)

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