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60p, 50p in the next firmware?

Sorry for missing this one! Actually, I did not miss it, I was just too busy working on a very special project (more on this tomorrow). As you have all read elsewhere, rumors are that the next 5DMrkII firmware will include (as we expected/hoped) more than just the 24p frame rate.…

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My thoughts about the 5DMrkII firmware update

A little bit eclipsed by the announcement of the 1DMrkIV, the announcement of an upcoming firmware update for the Canon 5DMrkII that would give it 24p and 25p is, for most people much more news worthy. The first benefit of shooting in 24p is, of course, getting the elusive film look we have been talking about since almost a year.…

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Have you looked at the MagicLantern firmware recently?

Up until two days ago, I did not. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise! Trammel has been working hard and added a few cool features. Some of these will be in the next firmware update, so stay alert.

1080i output from the HDMI out of the camera

Why this is great?…

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Magic Lantern developper got a 7D!

Just saw this on twitter. An anonymous donor gave a 7D to Hudson. While you might be thinking “So what? I have a 5DMrkII!” and even be a bit frustrated to know the 7D might take some time away from Hudson to work on the 5DMrkII, this could be in fact a good news.…

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7D Announced!

Seems like I was wront again or the Canon crew really like to contradict me! Yesterday Canon announced the 7D. Is it better than the 5dMRKII? Well, it does have what everyone missed from the 5d Mark II: variable frame rate (23.976, 24, 29.97, 30, 50 and 59.94), higher burst rate (8fps) and, most important for all for photographer: a better AF system and 100% viewfinder.…

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Magic lantern update (with rack focus!)

I usually don’t cover software updates, but the latest version of Magic lantern is awesome! Here is the executive summary: Custom cropmarks bitmap file Live histogram while recording Time remaining estimate indicator Automated Focus pulls Focus stacking HDR exposure bracketing Lens data (hyperfocal distance, DOF, etc) Cleaner, multi-level menus that timeout automatically Audio monitoring can be turned off during clip review Internal mic can be used (must enable audio.mic-power=1 in config) Output audio volume control Configuration file can be saved to magiclantern.cfg Yes, you read it right: Automated Focus pulls!…

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Are you ready for the Canon 5D firmware upgrade?

Well, I know that I am not! I was supposed to have everything ready yesterday in preparation for a model shoot next weekend but it was a complete failure. First, I wanted to buy a second battery so I would not have to stop shooting after 1-2 hours.…

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