Shane Brown-Daniels

I'm a freelance writer and event photographer who is always up for an adventure. From capturing the beauty of a woman, the strength of a man, onto the adrenaline-pumped action scene, you'll find me aiming for the shot.

‘Black Friday’ shopping spree for photographers

Photographers now have a wild access to the best deals of the year. Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season and we are currently in the Black Friday Week leading up to Friday, November 23. The specials extend into Cyber Monday, November 26.…

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The Rule of Thirds: Going beyond the ‘Dead Center’

Three (3) — a number revered in the mystical arts, in sacred geometry and even in artistic creations. From the architectural constructs of the great pyramids of Egypt, to the structure of the solar system and yes even the human body, the number 3 has its place.…

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NASA’s Curiosity Rover — Cameras and Photography

NASA’s Rover known as Curiosity which has been on Mars since August 6, 2012 is in serious search for clues to a past or even current presence of microbial life — i.e. alien lifeforms. After 6 prior attempts to safely land Rovers on Mars, Curiosity has taken the charm.…

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How to Eliminate Shadows from your Daytime Portraits

Using pop-up flash in the daytime.

When you take portraits on a bright and sunny day, you may notice that at times harsh shadows are cast on persons’ faces causing at times severe underexposure. Yet at the same time the background is well exposed. What is happening is that your camera has automatically adjusted its exposure settings for the background and not the foreground of which your subject is a part of.…

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How to create motion blur in your action photos

Taking action photos can be exciting and can get your adrenaline pumping even when there is the element of danger for you as a photographer. Not something that’s recommended – stay out of harm’s way! But nothing beats the thrill of capturing the moment of a Batter hitting a ball, a soccer player performing a bicycle kick, an Evolution XI skidding around a corner or a 3-year-old running at full speed in the backyard.…

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Cleaning a D-SLR sensor automatically and manually


Image Credit: The sensor is the core of your D-SLR and has a photodiode for each pixel that converts light signals into electrical signals for images to be produced. So if you have an 18 mega pixel D-SLR, your sensor has 18 x 106 photodiodes!…

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