DIY Alert: RigsWheels are on sale!

To all the DIYers out there, RigWheels is currently having a sale so it may be a good opportuinity to get a set of wheels for your slider. The rebate is around 15%. I have been playing with the RigWheels for a while now and my conclusion is simple: if you want to buildyour own slider BUT value your time, get them! You will save a lot of time trying to find wheels that 1) roll smoothly and 2) are easy to install on your rig. Trust me, I have been there, I have visited all the hardware stores in my area when I was working on my slider and couldn’t find anything half decent.


A few people contact me trying to compare these wheels with pro level solutions like the pocket dolly or the Cinevate sliders. Of course these solutions are better, but they are 6x the price so they have to be! The true power of the RigWheels are their flexibility, you can use them to create 10 foot long sliders if you need to, something you can’t do with other pro solution.

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