New category: Budget gear

Let’s admit it, gearing up for video work cost a lot. Most rigs are overpriced and built quality is not always linked to the price tag. While pro shooters can justify at 1500$+ investment in a shoulder rig and fancy lenses, for most HDSLR shooters, resources are limited.

This is why I am starting a new post category: Budget Gear. The goal is simple: get the best bang for your buck! The gear we are going to review isn’t production grade but should be good enough to get you going. After all, if we keep waiting for better gear to shoot something, nothing would ever be done.

Stay tuned, the first article goes out tomorrow.

OOT note: the blog is currently being hit pretty badly with comment SPAM. I try to review the quarantined comments everyday but it is possible that I discard genuine ones by accident. Sorry for the inconvenient. Blame it on all the people who want to sell online diplomas!

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