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News from BeachTek

First, got this email from BeachTek:

To everyone waiting for the new DXA-5Da XLR adapter for DSLR cameras, they have now shipped ahead of schedule to both B&H and Adorama. The first shipment is in very limited quantities but we are expecting the next, much larger batch to arrive before the end of March.  The new DXA-SLR with built-in preamplifiers and phantom power is still on schedule to be shipped by March 30th.

next, the MultiMount5D will be available at the end of March for 89$.

Vimeo goes 1080p and HTML5!

You can read about it here. I dont know which one is the most important: 1080p or HTML5… So far, these upgrades wont affect many people/video since most people are not using a HTML5 browser and the clips are rarely uploaded at 1080p resolution.

At least, now you know and you should change your Compressor presets to use the new resolution.

5D Firmware update

A lot of people have been talking about the upcoming firmware update. Planet5D is now talking about a March launch. Guess what? That is what I have been talking about since 2009! The release of the firmware was bound to the Olympics. Canon wants videographers to shoot the events with the 1DMrkkIV and not the 5D (they want people to see pro using the pro bodies). Once the Olympics are over, they will push the new firmware.

Zeiss new HDSLR lenses

I could say a lot of things of why this is big news, but Vincent did it very well already in his post.


I have been using A3 for over a week now. Expect a detailed review by the end of the weekend.

Edit: forgot to add this link to a quick overview of the video feature of A3 by the folks at Still Motion.

New content

I have been working on a few personal projects recently expect to see some of my work soon. Both in stills and motions.

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