Remote trigger give away contest!


Now that I have reliable triggers (read: PocketWizard PLUS II) I am ready to get rid of my old and unreliable eBay Cactus Remote V2.

I was about to throw them in the garbage when I had the idea that they may be useful to someone. When I told the idea to my girlfriend her first reaction was: “You keep complaining about these triggers, why would somebody want these?”. Poor girlfriend, she is totally missing the point!

Using such unreliable triggers has been of great help for me through the years. See how they can help you:

  • There is nothing like having to take the same shot 5 times in a row to learn the true meaning of patience.
  • UFitF (Unpredictable Flashes in the Face) also helps to build retinal light resistance which might prove useful if you ever have to duel Jessica Alba in an eye starting challenge.
  • Limited transmission range ensure proper training in the ancient art of eyeball measurements.
  • Finally, if you ever needed a reason to buy a real set of remote triggers, playing with these for a few months will.

I am telling you, this is the one contest you want to be in! Forget Drobos and expensive software contests, this is the real thing that the whole internet will be buzzing about!

So how can you participate? Easy! Just link to this post from Twitter, forums or your photography related blog. I will pick the winner at the end of the month (of August) based on referrals coming from links to this page. I will pay for shipping and the winners has to agree to write a short blog post about how ‘happy’ he is to get these.

Price details: 1 hot shoe trigger + 2 flash triggers, each with batteries.

Notice: I do not, and never will, waranty that these remotes can will work. Actually, you can be sure they wont at the worst possible time!

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