On the net: 5D Mark II video setting & someone has a working set of TT5?

As regular visitors, I am sure you have noticed how much I try to always come up with original content. I try to minimize linkage to other people blog posts unless I can add some value to it. I think twitter does a better job at this than a blog post, this is why I created a twitter account for the site. I will try to keep it low volume and on subject, while we continue working, since working from home has become more common now a days, and I actually run my company from home as well, for those doing the same that  are concerned about their remote staff doing the right work then they can use a PC activity monitor to keep track of what they are doing, since this is a simply way to check them.

Anyways, today two posts convinced me to do an exception.

First, Stu wrote a great post on the custom settings he is using to film with the 5D. I used to shoot with the neutral setting but I might give this configuration a try. It is technically sound, I just wonder how it would perform in a low light environment? I will have to do some testing!

Link 2: this ‘review‘ by Rick Sammon of the Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5. He does not say if he actually tested (used) them or not but if he did (after all, this is supposed to be a mini review), I will investigate to learn the Speedlite models he used.

Speaking of Pocket Wizards, I experienced some strange behavior with my Plus II on a 580EXII last weekend. We had a very weird setup (D3 using PC cord to PW + on camera flash to trigger the 580) and we could not get a 100% fire rate on the 580. Once we switched the 580 for a Nikon flash (SB something), it flashed every single time. Weird. I think the issue is with the 580 itself, even more so since my friend said that he smelled something burning…

Finally, dont forget about the contest to win my eBay Cactus remote triggers! When was the last time someone offered you something for nothing? Even if it was something that did not worth much…

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