Top 15 WordPress Themes for Video (vlog)


WordPress is a great content managing system for all kinds of purposes such as portfolio, news, video blogging and many more. It’s ease of use and versatility make it popular among amateurs and professionals alike.

Depending on your purpose, there is a wide variety of themes available to cater to your needs for space, widgets, drop-down menus, lightboxes and many more. When choosing a theme-provider, keep in mind that some of them offer packages to multiple premium themes. You could be getting a lot of themes for a very reasonable price, or just one.

We bring you list of amazing themes that could be used for any niche but are most suitable for video blogging and images. Be sure to check other article with list of Top 15 WordPress theme for Photographers.

Notice that most of the standard blog themes can get new life with plugins such as prettyphoto and similar lightboox plugins that add new dimension in images and video previewing.

Note: Responsive themes are good for mobile phones and other handheld devices, but there are enough plugins that can turn any, or at least help with alternative themes for your WordPress site, for mobile and other device users.

1. DynamiX

Dynamix WordPress Theme
Dynamix Theme

Live Preview Screenshots Get it

Impressive theme with amazing features. Among many features we would like to highlight few like BBPress plugin integration, WP e-Commerce plugin integration, BuddyPress Theme, Non-Post Galler Slide Manager manage your Images/Videos in one area.
Dynamix didn’t fail to impress more and more and as such it’s absolutely recommended, no matter what is your niche, you will not fail to impress your visitors with this theme. Great for showcase of your products (photos, videos, or any other product).

I like: Customization options.Custom Skin Editor and unlimited outer skin colors plus images. Ability to put more galleries on one page. Ability to social bookmark any page or post, while icons react to custom link colour. I could keep writing about features I like, even after some time I feel I didn’t find or use all of features this theme offers, amazing !

I dislike: Not really dislike but so many features could make your head spin ;)

Best for: Vloging (video blogging) , portfolio pages no matter what is your product, images, while you can use it as standard blog, it offers 10 times more. Fill it with good images/video content and let this theme do the rest.

List of Features - DynamiX

2. Invictus

Invictus WordPress Theme
Invictus Theme

Live Preview Screenshots Get it

One of the themes that is great for photographers and videographers in same time. Features of this theme are so many. I suggest you check Live Preview and Screenshots. One of the themes where you can’t miss if your content contains 90% of videos or photographs.

I like: Full screen and unique way of displaying images and videos. Flickr stream running in background. Option to pick from 250 Google API Fonts. Lots of features and addons.

I dislike: Not much to dislike, you should optimize videos and photos, as it could take  a while to load. Images behind blog posts and other content could distract visitors from main content you want to display. Again not really dislike, but it is fully optimized for video and photos, not much use as regular blog or magazine or any other purpose.

Best for: The possibilities are endless! Its optimal for photographers, digital artists, designer or even private persons, who want to present their images and videos in a unique way.

List of Features - Invictus

3. Complexity 2

Complexity2 WordPress Theme
Complexity2 Theme

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Some could say this theme doesn’t fit this list, but I like this as magazine or portfolio theme which has video embed option. Complexity is a simple business and portfolio theme that is easy to customize and will get you or your client’s website up and running in no time. No matter what is your niche you could use this theme. It could be for magazine style, blog posting, images displaying, video displaying, portfolio, and much more. Be sure to check list of features that Complexity offers.

I like: Clean and simple modern design. Capable of displaying images, videos and much more. Video Tutorials from ThemeBlvd that will help you get up and running  in no time.

I dislike: It’s not really just photograph nor video theme, but it can sure become one if you wish.

Best for: Business and portfolio. You can check out video here.

List of Features - Complexity 2

4. WP Clear Video (responsive)

WP Clear Video Theme from Solostream
WP Clear Video Theme

Live Preview Get it

WP Clear Video is a theme brought to you by Solostream, aimed towards small businesses and video bloggers who wish to market themselves be it for exposure or revenue. This premium theme features a professional, sleek design with a responsive layout. Other features include a business homepage layout option, Youtube videos page, multiple page layouts, theme setting and many more.

I like: I really liked WP Clear Photo, but WP Clear Video goes one step further. With responsive design. Clean and modern look, easy to setup.

I dislike: Theme it self has lack of features, if we compare to DynamiX or Invictus, but it is widget and plugin ready, so you could get where you want with just couple of plugins.

Best for: As mentioned above, this theme is best for small business and video bloggers.

List of Features - WP Clear Video

5. Right Now

Right Now WordPress Theme
Right Now Theme

Live Preview Screenshots Get it

Interactive theme that really amazes visitor. Background videos while browsing site. Audio player with audio playlist. Really shows future with HTML5 and CSS3. There is no need to write much about this theme, check Live Preview and list of Features.

I like: Never seen anything like this before must check it out. Mobile phone compatible.

I dislike: Somewhat similar full background as Invictus, could be distracting.

Best for: Unique showcase of your images & videos. Interaction with visitors over music and visual effects.

List of Features - Right Now

6. Gigawatt (responsive)

Video Theme Gigawatt
Gigawatt Theme

Live Preview Screenshots Get it

Gigawatt is a vintage or grunge type of theme for video bloggers with a more retro feel to showcasing videos. It can display videos from a third party hosting site, not to mention photos as well. Choose from 3 color schemes and add widgets to your homepage for a more customized look to fully utilize the generous 940px view port. Whether you use Vimeo, YouTube, Viddler or Blip, we cater for them all as Gigawatt can display videos from any 3rd party video hosting site!

I like: Retro design. 940px view port. Simplicity. Responsive. Documentation served with theme.

I dislike: Font used for menus. Font colors.

Best for: Portfolio page, video/picture showcase.

List of Features - Gigawatt

7. On Demand 2.0

On Demand WP Theme
On Demand Theme

  Live Preview

This full-featured theme from Press 75 lets you embed almost any video format. Also included are theme options panel for further page customization and content management options, thumbnail options and a drop-drown navigation menu, among others.

I like: Simplicity of this theme. Content layout.

I dislike: Menus and buttons that have soft 3D effect.

Best for: The On Demand WordPress theme is perfect for virtually any video-centric website. You can use any embeddable video format from any video service (such as Vimeo, YouTube, etc.). Or, if you want to host your own video files such as FLV, Quicktime, etc. you can do that as well

List of Features - On Demand

8. Black Label

Black Label WordPress Theme
Black Label Theme

Live Preview Screenshots Get it

Fullscreen Video & Images background support. Audio background while viewing images. One of the complete themes with great addons that will make your life easier.  Image Slider Background. It is incredibly easy to use. The theme is not optimized for iPhone or iPad but has a fallback so that they can watch videos on these devices.

I like: Background image slider. Shortcode implementation. Portfolio & Slider custom post types. Video Documentation. Google map integration. Fullscreen gallery. Dark and Light skin.

I dislike: To be honest, nothing disliked.

Best for: Personal portfolio, Video or Image showcase, blogging with nice background image slider.

List of Features - Black Label

9. Video Elements

Video Elements WordPress Theme
Video Elements Theme

  Live Preview

This video-centric premium theme has been rebuilt and redesigned to allow users more flexibility in running and maintaining a video blog or website using WordPress. Its simple and sophisticated design, coupled with features such as drop-down navigation, automatic thumbnail creation and easy logo updater make it a good option for video bloggers.

I like: Similar but better looking than On Demand Theme. Simplicity. Video embed option.

I dislike: Social media implementation, it is possible over widgets but I feel this theme should include it by default. Competition did great job so it feels like lack of features out of the box.

Best for: With video embed option it makes this theme great for video showcase, but you can use it as portfolio and small business site as well.

List of Features - Video Elements

10. Hoon (responsive)

Hoon WordPress Theme
Hoon Theme

Live Preview

This multimedia theme from Press 75 showcases audio, video and photos in a clean and simple design. Included are a custom audio player with playlist capabilities for all devices, custom gallery templates and the standard theme options panel that is native to Press 75. Other features included featured content options, custom color and layout options, plus more.

I like: With Hoon is all about simplicity, and it does it well. Audio player with playlist. Responsive design.

I dislike: Menu lines. Out of box design, I feel it could use little customization of css.

Best for: Small portfolio pages, personal showcase page, where less is better.

List of Features - Hoon


11. Vidley

Vidley WordPress Theme
Vidley Theme

Live Preview

Vidley is another great video theme from Press 75 for video bloggers. It can also be used for news, portfolios, photography, promotion sites and the like. Features include logo customization, drop-down navigation menu, google analytics customization, and it is widget ready.

I like: Modern design. Clean and simple. Overall I do like this theme.

I dislike: Widgets are displayed on bottom. I got impression “something is missing” using this theme it could be only me.

Best for: Personal page with some but not much text. Simple posts with images or videos. Portfolio page.

List of Features - Vidley

12. Notebook

Nootebook WordPress Theme
Notebook Theme

Live Preview

This innovative and unique multimedia theme from Elegant Themes utilizes WordPress post formats along with CSS3 animations so that you can publish a variety of content quickly and easily. Audio, photographs, video and standard blog posting are made easier. A good number of font options are available for you to choose from.

I like: Feel and look of this theme. Simple but powerful design. Video preview on mouse over.

I dislike: Nothing really stands out. This theme is great for what it should be.

Best for: Personal or small business that wants to share multimedia content. Notebook makes it easy to share audio, video, photographs and standard blog posts in clean and simple way.

List of Features - Notebook


13. Gridlocked

Gridlock WordPress Theme
Gridlock Theme

  Live Preview Screenshots Get it

As it name says Gridlocked is grid-based, layout shuffling, minimalistic theme for creatives. At first it is similar as theme we discuses before – Notebook, and from outside it does look a like but features and posting, visual features are completely different. It is great for showcase of your photos and/or video. Support for post formats means you can jazz up your blog with your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.

I like: Neat and clean design. With grid layout you see more work at once which is great for first impression.

I dislike: No dislikes. If you find some, let me know.

Best for: Blogging, video, photos, creative work. Would look great for tutorial sites with lots of images and video materials. Really neat theme..

List of Features - Gridlock

14. Village

Village WordPress Theme
Village Theme

  Live Preview Screenshots Get it

One of the full sized themes that I like. Your work is displayed on full screen until you go mouse over, then menu appears. Impact to visitor is pure art and work you present without extra not needed features. Theme provider took care of everything and made videos how to set up theme by your needs. This theme is all about presentation of your creativity.

I like: Amazing display of images on full screen, option to show videos as well.

I dislike: Wall option where work is displayed as gallery, each mouse movement move screen, and you need to stick to video you are playing, otherwise screen will move and it can be very distracting. I don’t like font used in sub-menu, but it’s changable.

Best for: Presentation of your products, work, creativity photos or video vise. Easy to navigate, great looking. No matter if your main work is video or photos this theme will please all your and customer needs.

List of Features - Village

15. Aware (responsive)

Aware WordPress Theme
Aware Theme

Live Preview Screenshots Get it

Aware is interactive, responsive portfolio theme, great for freelanceers, web designers, photogrpahers and videgraphers alike. It comes with responsive design. It comes bundled with great list of features like custom Portfolio Posts, with Image, Youtube and Vimeo Support. Option to select non-google system fonts as well.

I like: Simple, modern but clean design. Interactive displaying of pictures on front. Responsive design. And lots of features that this theme includes.

I dislike:

Best for: Freelances, small business, photographers, videographers and other graphic artists. Clean and simple way of showing your creative work to others.

List of Features - Aware


Other Themes to Consider as well


Akita (responsive)

Interesting theme, that is very popular among users. Lots of options and features that can turn this theme to any niche category as you need. Fully recommended. Among great features it is responsive, and you have control and options how theme should behave on mobile phones and other devices. Localization ready, meaning you can transform this theme easily into your language. From all features couple of cool ones are: Responsive Google Map shortcode, Replace featured images with embedded videos, Adjust your theme’s image crop size …


Website (responsive)

Very cool theme, with cool social and other icons. Filterable portfolio. Responsive design. Lots of addons, features makes this one of the best responsive themes out there. Individual sliders for each page, auto play or auto pause at start, touch gestures on mobile devices, option caption on banners, content may be tweaked for mobile devices, optional text for each slide (HTML supported), use it for image, audio, video, quote, linking and status + regular posts.


Artboard (responsive)

Another Full Screen Portfolio theme great for putting your work in front of everything, no matter if your work is photography, graphic design, illustration or even video.
You can also customize the background on each and every page on the site, so you can add a custom graphic for each portfolio piece or page to really make your work shine.



This theme is designed for videographers, photographers, motion artists, graphic designers and all kinds of artists out there. It’s slick, grid-based interface makes it easy to showcase a good number of artwork on a single page. The VGrid plugin makes the layout responsive to the device it is viewed on for optimal viewing pleasure. The 12 professionally-designed styles make for a cool selection, with the ability to create your own within a few minutes. This is one of the most noted WordPress themes for portfolio showcasing.


Groovy Video (woo themes)

This retro and colorful video blog is popular among video bloggers or “vlogging”. Creating and posting videos is incredibly quick and easy; simply copying and pasting a video’s embed code qualifies as a post. This theme’s features include automatic video resizing, widgetized sidebar along with other custom widgets and 17 cool color schemes.

Woo tube (woo themes)

Woo tube sounds a lot like Youtube and for good reason. This video or multimedia theme is great for daily video blogging or “vlogging”. Posting is easy because of its simple and clear-cut functionality, automatic video resizing, widgetized sidebar and 7 color schemes. It can be used for standard blogging, gallery, portfolio and any other kind of website you’d like. The best part is the rating system.

Hosting for WordPress sites

While visual effects, simplicity, functionality are very important for every website, most important is platform that serves clients. Shared hosting companies offer a lot for “nothing”, but when your site want more resources you might consider best WordPress hosting there is: WPEngine hosting.

Providers of above listed themes

There are plenty of other themes that could help you build amazing site. You might check providers of themes and find what you like the most:



Elegantthemes is one of the popular WordPress theme provider because themes are made very user-friendly, even without knowledge and skills in designing and programming. The ‘ePanel’ or options page lets you customize your site in many unique combinations. Each theme comes equipped with a widget-ready sidebar, custom thumbnail images, search bar and gravatar ready feature among others. Unlimited access to all of their themes for only $39, great value. They offer Handheld Theme, HandHeld works in tandem with your normal theme, and is only used when the plugin detects that your visitor is using a mobile phone.



Woothemes is a provider of themes developed using CSS, PHP and WordPress. These themes cater to a variety of functions such as magazine, portfolio, business and personal types. The backend part of the theme allows you to customize your page the way you like it without having to code it. You can also combine features from more than one theme. Resizing thumbnails and size of text is made easy with the auto-sizing feature. The unique Woo framework allows for custom page templates and even translation features. However, Woothemes is not as compatible cross-browser unlike Elegantthemes and Obox-design.

You have two options, buy themes separately and get 2-3 bonus themes, cheapest solution but you don’t get PSD files. Or the club participation which is perfect for multi-site owners, freelancers, and web agencies needing access to ALL their themes.



Themeforest is one of the most popular marketplace for template developers such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and many more. Themes have excellent functionality with an extensive network of tools that provide you a great number of options so that you can fine-tune every detail of you site. There are three main categories for Themeforest WordPress themes: blog, e-commerce and CMS or Content Management System. With over 750 premium WP themes to choose from and counting, customers will have a lot to consider.

Themeforest is part of big company name envato, and under same page you can easily browse and buy from other envato markets such as audiojungle, themeforest, videohive, codecanyon, photodune and others. Great thing about this market is that you can get all on one place.



Press75 is among the known theme providers of clean, unique and efficient WordPress themes. Users are faced with an interface with excellent content management options and features. One of the downsides to this provider is their rather limited selection of themes. At 17, they are behind other providers such as Woothemes, Elegantthemes, etc; however, they do release a new theme every month. Press75 Themes are also not SEO-friendly, but that problem is easily solved with free WordPress SEO plug-ins, like All in One Seo, or Platinum SEO.

Press75 has very interesting package
Download all of our 21 themes for only $75! That’s just $3.57 per theme!



Quality Themes, Quality Support

Obox-design themes were developed with both websites and blogs in mind, particular for business, news, portfolio and entertainment. Like Press75, their selection is considerably smaller than other providers; however, the diversity of themes is sufficient. Obox themes are good across browsers and are search engine optimized.

Themeforest include Obox themes in their marketplace.

Very interesting package from Obox:

Single Pack – 3 themes included

Developer Pack – 2 themes included with PSD and Obox Mobile

Membership Pack – all themes with everything



Premium WordPress Themes

Solostream is not so known WordPress theme provider, but they offer themes that are easy to customize and search engine optimized. Multiply page templates allow for variety within your site. Expect great support via forums, tutorials and videos. It’s relatively cheap, at $79 for 21 professionally designed themes.

May be cheapest from above:

Basic – get all themes with free update 1 month, free support 1 month

Silver – get whole package with everything, PSD included, 3 months updates and 3 months support, 1 theme each month, revenue is Quarterly

Gold – get everything as above with 12 months support, 12 months updates, revenue is annually

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