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This new & noteworthy app (featured on Apple’s Home Page) is great for those who wish to showcase their portfolio without the hassle of bringing around a sometimes heavy and bulky book.

Visit http://www.nickkuh.com/portfoliopro to watch a video about the app.


Import from Flickr, Dropbox and Your iPad


Portfolio Pro Import Screen
Portfolio Pro Import Screen


Features include letting users import photos from Flickr. Dropbox and from the iPad Photos App. Supported formats include JPGs, PNGs, TIFs, GIFs, MOVs, MP4s and M4Vs. It boasts an easy-to-use interface while still retaining its beautiful design – simply triple tap the screen to switch between client and edit modes.

This app was created for photographers, videographers, designers, architects, sellers and agents in mind. It makes showing clients your portfolio much easier, not to mention convenient as you don’t need an internet connection to present your work. What’s more, your titles and descriptions are imported alongside your photos, making it even easier to present your Flickr portfolio offline.


Bespoke Branding and Editing Capabilities


Edit Gallery Mode
Edit Gallery Screen

You also have the option to change the colors and fonts to create custom themes. Your gallery screens may also be branded with your personal logo, as well as a link to your personal website. Hide any photo, video or gallery from clients in edit mode.


Beautiful Flipshow Design


Photo with menu



Make use of the full screen slideshow mode to show your clients every last pixel of your work. Presenting your work is also possible through an external HD screen using AirPlay or VGA out with iOS 5 mirroring. This feature is especially useful to showcase the quality of work at a larger resolution.

Features of Portfolio Pro App

Portfolio Management Features:

  • Flickr – Import directly from your Flickr Photostream and Flickr Sets
  • Dropbox – Import whole folders or select photos and videos from Dropbox
  • Your Brand – Add your logo, portfolio title, website link and description text.
  • Your Style – Custom Themes – choose colors and fonts to create and save multiple custom themes.
  • Add names and descriptions to your work (names and descriptions are also imported from Flickr).
  • Hide or show any photo, video or whole gallery
  • Drag and drop to rearrange galleries
  • Batch media downloads – import JPGs, PNGs, TIFs, GIFs, MOVs, MP4s & M4Vs.

Portfolio Presentation Features:

  • Home Screensaver – Create a set of featured photos and videos for your home screensaver.
  • Galleries – tap or pinch to zoom in and out of full screen slideshow mode.
  • Flipshow – elegantly flip through your work with clients (see the video)
  • Pixel details – retina ready and zoom high res photos
  • AirPlay Apple TV or VGA out – tried and tested with iOS 5 mirroring , works great for both photos and videos.

My Review


My 100 + Faves Gallery


Portfolio Pro is a great app, not just for photographers, but also for anyone who would like to showcase their photos in a more professional setting on the iPad. I know how inconvenient it can be to carry around a heavy portfolio of all my photos, so I was extremely delighted to hear about Portfolio Pro. After playing around, I had a few galleries ready in about 3 minutes, and composed a makeshift portfolio in less than 15 minutes! Imagine the possibilities; you’re running late for a meeting and by some stroke of bad luck you have no portfolio to show for. Portfolio Pro can help you import and compose your photos into a portfolio in mere minutes. Now that is mobility and accessibility. While there are other portfolio apps on the App Store, Portfolio Pro is absolutely a cut above the rest.


What I liked:

  • It’s very easy to use. I can create a portfolio in as little as 15 minutes if I wanted to.
  • Triple-tap any screen to switch between client and edit modes to make changes to your work is cool feature.
  • I can use the app to showcase my work on an external HD screen using just a VGA out.
  • I can import photos from Flickr and Dropbox, both of which I use extensively.


What I didn’t like:

  • I’d like to import photos from other photo websites as well, like Instagram, as nowadays photographers use mobile phones to take pictures as well.



Portfolio Pro is a solid app for a great number of artists looking to showcase their work. It’s sleek, simple and professional. You no longer have to burden yourself with turning page after page looking for that certain photo you want to show your client; simply swipe and tap. It’s that easy.


Get Portfolio Pro App from the App Store here.

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