5DMrkII vs D3 exposure differences?

Edit: I was stupid! Explanation here.

Last week I went shooting with my friend Christopher who is a D3 owner. It was more of a scouting trip, to find nice locations in downtown Montreal ,for future shoot than anything else. To make a long story short, we ended up doing some tests/comparison between our two cameras. Frustratingly enough, Chris managed to do a shot that I was failing to get. Wanting to get the same picture at a real man resolution (21>12), I dialed the same settings on my 5DMrkII and took the shot, expecting the same results.

Oh boy, I was in for a surprise! Glancing at my LCD I clearly saw that my image was different than his (mine was darker). It could have been and LCD brightness setting so we compared histograms. Technically, if we both shot at same ISO, shutter speed & aperture, the amount of light burning the sensor should be the same, resulting in the same image/histogram. Unfortunately, it was not the case! How comes?

I was about to post the two shots but unfortunately, it seems like I deleted mine (probably out of frustration!). Dont fear, I still have a valid example. The darkest image (left) is from my 5D @f4,5 for 1/60 and the other (right) is from the D3 @f4,5 for 1/100, both at ISO800, @70mm and were taken minutes apart. Even with 2/3 more light (1/60 vs 1/100) the 5D picture is still much darker, and at full resolution much noisier so imagine how the 1/100sec one was!

Anyone has an explanation?


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