Burned pixel update and Mac Pro on steroids

I think I talked too fast the other day when I said that the software update did not fix the stuck pixel problem. After testing it again, it seems like the issue is now resolved with v1.07!

I will do more testing tomorrow night, but right now I am reformating-reinstalling everything on my Mac Pro. The new setup is:

  • 2x74gig raptors in RAID-0 for boot partition
  • 2x500gig WD in RAID-0 for content
  • External 1Tb USB HD for backup and time machine

I have yet to complete the installation of the second RAID but so far, this beast is FAST! Yes yes, I know the risk of RAIDing everything but with a good backup policy it should be ok. Since I am working on only one project at the time I should be fine with storage space.

My main concern right now is the noise level of the Raptors. I will work with these for a few days and see if I can tolerate them. They are really annoying once you start paying attention to them…

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