Real life test of iPhoto09

Just a quick warning to anyone thinking about using iPhoto09: if you have a lot of pictures, it is slow! I just came back from by girlfriend parents house where they have about 16,000 pictures (46gig). While iPhoto08 was fast and very responsive, the newer version is as quick slow as a slug given the same amount of pictures/albums. 

Just to give some empirical numbers: switching from one section to the next (ex: from faces to an album) took about 3-4 seconds (mac pro 8gigs of ram). This might not seem a lot but when you are trying to put names on all faces, you switch from one album to the next quite often which result in spending most of your time waiting. Not very productive.

Where should we point the finger of blame? Most probably the face recognition feature. I wish there was a way to control how aggressive in its analysis we want it to be, or simply disable it when we are doing picture management.

It is clear to me that the newest iteration of iPhoto was made for casual shooter who have at most 2-3000 pictures. So, what should we expect from Aperture3? It is obvious that such a performance hit would not be tolerated by professionals so I am really curious to see what is going to happen. Maybe Apple will come up with a small update in a few days/week that will fix the issue, but until then I advice you to not use it if you deal with high volume.

Anyone is having the same issues? Or opposite results with the same amount of pictures?

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