Special Discounts on Great Light Photography and Table Photography Packs

Dripping and splashing all frozen in time is an awesome way to photograph liquids in motion. Not to mention getting high class shots of products in your own home on your very table top. You can learn to do all of this through 2 comprehensive packages at a special discount.

Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials Pack (Sample Photos)
Studio Tabletop Photography Essentials Pack (Sample Photos)

As with each kind of photography, there’s a learning curve. So it is with liquid and product photography. It takes time, effort and technique with using the right equipment. These eBooks and tutorials break it down so that you’ll get a grand head start through his Light Photography Essentials Pack (of 6) and Table Top Photography Essentials Pack (of 3).

These packs are but the best is that they are currently being sold with significant discount, and the price has dropped over the Thanksgiving weekend and even lower for just today — Cyber Monday.

As it is now, you could buy each pack separately for $185, but for this Cyber Monday Madness, you can get both packs at a 50% discount. After Monday you can get discount of 35% for limited time.

This is a great deal, but of course we checked them out to see if they’re worthy.

Tabletop Photography is related to small objects that can be photographed on a surface not larger than an average table. It’s directly related to product photography. Just form looking at Alex’s portfolio, we can see that he is a top level professional photographer who knows what he’s talking about. There’s no better way of learning things than straight from the source.

Tabletop Essentials

Tabletop Photography Essentials

The Tabletop Photography Essentials pack includes eBooks, including information on how to professionally shoot products such as watches, how to photograph jewelry and what you need to know regarding the equipment and DIY tricks necessary to do this kind of work. It includes everything you need to know about studio tabletop photography, from the equipment for hi-speed photography to lighting techniques and DIY solutions.

There are some amazing stuff to explore, especially the liqueur splash shot and creative hand tool shot. 

You can learn how to:

  • Discover the necessary equipment for studio tabletop photography: cameras and lenses, lighting and modifiers, studio support and grip
  • How to shoot different types of liqueur bottles: clear, matte and dark glossy
  • How to deal with glossy chrome products, the most tricky to shoot in product photography
  • Shooting jewelry and watches, using non-expensive DIY solutions and household LED lighting
  • How to create a composite shot, how to combine separate photos into one mind-blowing composition
  • Learn Photoshop techniques on how to clean your shots, fine tune and adjust detail and manipulate the shape.
35% Discount code: CYBER35


Liquid Photography Essentials

Liquid Photography Essentials
The Liquid Photography Essentials pack is stuffed with a variety of simple tutorials , behind the scene videos and e-books. It basically includes six books for the price of one, although the tutorial about the liqueur splash shot is also included in the pack above.

Here, the photographer is showing you how to:

  • Discover what equipment is good for hi-speed liquid photography: which lighting systems are good and what is not, and why
  • How to shoot different types of liquid: clear, colored and completely non-transparent, and what the difference in how to highlight them.
  • Learn how to shape unique splashes, and how to catch the right moment
  • Find out how to simulate different types of liquids: milk, chocolate, etc
  • Learn how to create a composite shot, how to combine separate photos into one mind-blowing composition
  • Learn Photoshop techniques on how to manipulate with shots of liquid

Here you can really see the professional implementation of splashes. It’s not just water drops or water baloon splashes. Here you can see the tutorial on beer, perfume  an liqueur commercial photography that have the wow effect every time we see it. Now you can see the behind the scenes of those shots and we think that’s worthy.

Liquid Photography Essentials 35% Discount code: CYBER35

Using the right equipment and technique can help you to produce images like those seen in the sample photos, and possibly even better! As creative as a photographer maybe the technical know-how has just got to be in his/her mind. These packs are at a good deal. Grab the specials while they last.

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