I present you: The Macrosaurus Rex

What happen when 3 Kenko extention tubes meet with a Sigma 1.4x teleconverter and a Canon 100 Macro lens?

They merge together to create the Macrosaurus Rex!


First, let me say this little project had no particular goal in mind other than seeing what the end result would be. As you can see in the video below, adding so many layers between the lens and the sensor degrade the image quality drastically. Also, the amount of light required to expose the subject was substantial. Even at f22 my depth of field was smaller than 1mm which make this setup next to useless.

To illustrate the amount of light required, the second part of the clip is shot from the same position but with only the 100mm macro, using the same exposure settings (was at f22, ISO1600, 1/30 sec I think).

These clips were done without much preparation. If I had to do such magnification level for a job, I would first make sure that my subject is perfectly clean and polished and then surround the subject with diffuser to mitigate any reflection or hot spot.

So, anyone with a 180mm f3.5L or the MP-E 65mm who would like to push this concept a bit further?

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