Surprise of the Day: RRM MicroRemote

By now, you have probably seen the cool pictures, posted first on M. Laforet site but I am posting one of these again because it looks too cool.

If you want to see more, you can take a look at Planet5D teaser post. Ahh… Maybe I should have asked them for sponsorship!

So, it looks cool but what is it supposed to do? Photocinenews got the whole explanations here.

Updated (here is a better clip):

The whole system, without the iPhone, will cost under 1k$ .I guess they will also need to make an iPad version of the product… This is ridiculously affordable and it will be on my wish list as soon as I recuperate from the financial hit of my trip to Iceland.

Cool but…

I am very curious about how the system works. As the rep says in the video, lenses need to be calibrated and I wonder if all lenses can work with the system. While I am sure the new Zeiss HDSLR lens series is going to be a perfect match, I have some reserves on the Canon EF lenses. The focus distance progression of these is not linear and often a 1 degree rotation is enough to lose focus. Anyone at the NAB can get more information on how calibration works?

And form Zacuto…

Saw this video from DSLR News Shooter.

The first part of the clip talks about the now famous Tactical shooter, but the second part presents a new cage rig. Nothing spectacular of fancy and very comparable to the one provided by Cinevate, at least by its look. While I am not a big fan of these kind of rigs for hand held shots, I find them very good to get smooth pans once they are set on a tripod.

Dont think about getting more information by visiting these manufacturers website. None has been updated yet.

And a rumor for the end

Two individuals have sent me email about something new coming from Apple tomorrow. But since my track record with rumors has been quite bad recently, I will wait and see.


If you are at the NAB, send me an email. I have some stuff I would like you to check out for me!

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