A firmware update will come, or not…

Lots of speculations about the elusive firmware update these days. My conviction is that Canon already has the firmware or is working on it as we speak. Why?

Just imagine how stupid Canon would look if a lower end Nikon camera can do something that their camera can’t. So far, Canon has been able to keep the 5DMrkII above the D90 but since Stu ‘confirmed’ that Nikon is working on a firmware update, the wheels of competition have been set in motion.

Since the D90 has been released before the 5DMrkII and Nikon is not ready yet to release their firmware update, I guess enabling all these manual functions is not as easy as we think. If it was, Nikon would have released it already! This is why I think that Canon is still working on this too.

The thing I don’t understand is why Canon is not telling us that they are working on such functionality. Doing so is just counter strategic! Just imagine a potential customer who is looking for a video enable DSLR these days, he has 3 (real choices): D90 G1 or 5D. Which system do you think he will be moving too? Not Canon for sure! Knowing that the value of a new customer for a DSLR seller is so high, it is just does not make sense to not use every trick in the book to get them (à la Nikon)!

Anyways. I have a gut feeling the firmware will be released the day I decide to invest heavily in Zeiss lenses. Fate is like that!

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