My Rodriguez list

The Rodriguez list is a collection of everything that you can use to add production value to your film in some way or another. Here is my list


  • Hospital (well, a vet hospital)
  • Garage
  • Workshop
  • Loft with huge windows
  • Abandoned buildings (urban exploration FTW!)


  • cars, but none looking especially bad ass…
  • a few pelican case (military looking plastic boxes)
  • plastic gun replica
  • various computer for props and production uses (desktop & laptop)
  • fake blood
  • delicious cookies to keep the moral up
  • cheap construction lighting
  • almost portable diesel power generator

People with special skills/assets:

  • Makeup artist specialized in special effects (yep, how convenient!)
  • A few jazz/rock musicians with their instruments
  • Sound specialist with his recording gear
  • Heavily tattooed friends
  • Friends who can look like tough guys

Looking at this list reveals some potential. I am definitely going to use the Pelican cases. They just look too good to be passed over. Of course the gun will be used, but with moderation since I don’t want to get shot at (for real) while filming in the streets.

Also, since this is going to be my first try at producing something based on a predetermined script, I want to keep everything in one location. It is just going to be simpler this way.

Finally, I want the clip to feel like it is part of something bigger. This way, if I ever want to add another chapter to the story, it will not feel out of place.

Next up: Sketching a story

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