Ordered a follow focus kit

Two weeks ago, I decided to move my rig to the next level and buy a follow focus kit. Well, actually it is not a real kit per day since I ordered each part from a different supplier, each time going for the cheapest alternative that seemed to fit the task.

Rails were the easiest piece to shop for since the are pretty standard. I ordered from Indi system simply because they were the cheapest and had my desired length (12”). It has been two weeks since I made my ordered and I have not received it yet. Stuff from India came in 5 days and, these are still not at my door. I email the seller and I am still waiting for an answer. I will wait a few more days…

Follow Focus
I was about to buy the 300$ version from Indi system (thanks god I did not!) when I saw this thread on the cinema5D forum about a 100$ follow focus. I was a bit skeptical at first, especially since the first videos were not really smooth, but I went with it anyways so I could be the guinea pig for the rest of the community. Communication with the seller was responsive, shipped super fast and I built quality seems as good as the 300$ ones. As soon as the stupid rails arrive I am going to do a full review.

Lens gear
Would I have waited a few days I could have ordered lens gears from the same guy who made the dFocus. Instead I went with the gears from DVCity. At about 70$ for 6 gears, it is a great price. The problem is that most of the gears will  never be used since they are too big. Out of the 6, I think I am only going to use 3. That is why I think ordering from DFocus would be more cost effective.

As stated, I cant do any review yet because I am missing my rails but hopefully this week I will get them and be able to write a decent review and take some nice clips. The whole kit costed me about 300$ which make the whole thing affordable to any cinephotographer.

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